On Both Your Houses

We all know how I feel about finger puppets.

Of course, who doesn’t like finger puppets?  They’re festive, accessible, portable, and easy to find.  With little to no effort, one can find (and I have) plastic pigs, Jesus, Frida Kahlo, the naked king from “the Emperor’s New Clothes”, Lao Tzu, and either Romeo or a Pirate, depending on how you look at him.

Today, my package from oytoys.com arrived with my brand new Passover Ten Plagues Finger Puppet Set.

Words cannot express the many, many things I feel about this.

Why, yes, that is me, smugly showing off my dead baby finger puppet.

There are, of course, some artistic choices that puzzle me.

The hair on the boils – ok.  I can see that.  But hail appears to have a tail.  And his head is on fire, which seems unlikely, since he’s made of water.

And why is the louse masturbating?  Isn’t he too busy for that, what with being a plague and all?

These are excellent gifts for children, all around.  Perhaps my nephew needs a set.



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2 responses to “On Both Your Houses

  1. It’s louse’s facial expression that disturbs me most. And my burning jealousy, of course.

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