Native Californian moves to Brooklyn: hilarity ensues.

Current Conditions: Self in Brooklyn.   Furniture in Brooklyn.  Heart in … where?

Important Life Lessons:

* Never make eye contact with a mime.

* Do not rub an Irishman’s head from behind unexpectedly.

* It is surprisingly difficult to convince a stranger to accept a cupcake.

Things that make me happy:

* Lists

* Popsicles

* Scurvy

* Spatulas

* Breath mints

* Ultramarine Blue Liquitex paint

Things that make me angry:

* Movies based on children’s books

* Our justice system

* Our education system

* Winona Ryder


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  1. bditws

    Yo! I don’t have a blogroll yet but will figure all that out soon. Will pop over here and give a read every now and again. Later

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