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Hey, You.

Yes, you – about to sit next to me on the bus.  I’ve recently developed some ground rules, and you’ll need to agree before I consent to share this space.

Please refrain from:

Eating stew from tupperware,

Picking at your elbow scabs,

Clipping your nails into your lap or over the aisle floor,

Sneezing on me,


Bleeding from the mouth.

I have recently experienced all of the above.  I think once is enough.



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Belgian Question

Me: “I don’t know if I want the onion rings or the fries.”

Mike: “Mine come with fries.  You can have some of them.”


Me: “Those are impressive looking fries. I would like many of them.”

Mike: “They should be skinnier.  I prefer skinny fries with my mussels.”

Me: “Why?”

Mike: “I don’t know.  I guess it’s just what I’m used to.”

Me: “You always get fries when you get mussels?”

Mike: “Well, that’s how they come.”

Me: “What do you mean?”

Mike: “That’s how mussels come.  It’s a Belgian thing.”

Me: “But … we’re not in Belgium.”

Mike: “But that’s still why.”

Is this one of those things everyone else knows about?

Mike does has a tendency to state strange pieces of trivia as though they are common knowledge.  He also has a tendency to be right, though.

I need confirmation.  Also, an explanation.   Anyone?


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Good to Know

Discoveries this week:

* The women’s bathroom at Penn Station smells of yogurt.

* Mariachi bands occasionally leap into the subway train as the doors are closing whilst striking up a mariachi tune and this is startling.

* Working part time somehow means I have considerably less free time than when I was working full time.

* If you go to the same bar on a regular basis they’ll eventually bring you a free bread pudding.

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    On left: no smoking.

    On right: no 80’s style boom boxes.

    Center: No becoming an ice machine.

    The subway authorities, they have their reasons.

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    Did you know?

    It’s legal to drive through red lights in Brooklyn.  As long as you speed up and honk all the way through the intersection, it’s totally ok.


    … well, you explain my neighborhood then.

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    He Does Not Read the Ads

    ignorance is bliss


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    Wisdom at Walgreens

    From the guy behind me in line at the pharmacy counter:

    “This war.  This war.

    I know what the problem is. I know the problem with this war.

    The problem is, they’re exploding people.

    Yup.  Eyeballs and legs everywhere.  That’s the problem.”

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