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I keep hearing, “Only in New York,” and that kind of bugs me.   My still San-Francisco-loyal heart sees no reason shenanigans are not equally likely on the West Coast.

Still, there are moments in which everything comes together in a beautiful and harmonious and magical way.

Why, yes, that is a bucket-perched evangelist taking a break from his screaming argument with a group of androgynous teenagers beside a crowd of singing Amish whilst the Free Hugs guy leaps about in the midst.

And you can’t even SEE the clown passed out on the sidewalk behind me.

So it’s true, I guess, in some ways.  I mean, there aren’t a lot of Amish in California.



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A Sign

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I wait at the corner of Church and MacDonald every Tuesday.  The 35 Limited theoretically comes every six minutes, but often I’m there up to ten.  That’s an additional four minutes a week I stand and stare at this:

feeling more and more stabby every week.

I suppose one could argue it’s marginally better than the place next door:

but I suspect I’m the kind of girl who prefers tainted drink to poor grammar.


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Dear Upstairs Neighbors,

Everyone should have a hobby.  I am so pleased you have found one.  I do wish, however, you had not chosen clogging, which is the only explanation I can find for the intervals of consistent rhythmic pounding – with occasional crashes – taking place above my head this afternoon.

I like Law & Order too, which I think is pretty common knowledge.  That BUM BUM, thing, though – it’s kind of loud.  It’s especially loud when the TV is turned up to full volume.  It’s especially, especially loud when the TV is turned up to full volume and pressed against the window to the airshaft right outside my bedroom.  It’s not terribly pleasant waking up because you think Mariska Hargitay is breaking into your apartment.

And, finally,

Love is a wonderful thing.  As is sex, with or without the former.  I am especially pleased that you have chosen to think about your health and play it safe.  But really – are trash cans so hard to come by, on the upper floors?  Is there really a pressing need to drop your used condoms onto my fire escape?  What if I had a plant out there, man?

Please remember the ground floor dwellers,




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Single gloves, they’re everywhere.

All winter, a small army, waving from fenceposts.

“Hello, winter.”


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Snow Day

California kids don’t get snow days.  We do not experience the delight of the ten bazillion New York City kids who got the day off today.

New York doesn’t get a lot of snow, as a rule.  Something like this – an all day ‘blizzard’ – effectively shuts the city down.  No one went to work.  Offices were closed.  Stores were closed.  Fresh Direct did not deliver.  It reminds me of the two days a year it rained, growing up in Southern California:  everyone panicked and hid and discovered drainage issues.

A snow day, when one works at home, is not terribly exciting.  My office is always open, since it’s just off the kitchen, there.  I don’t need to take a train or a bus, and am not slowed by curbside drifts.   There is no excuse for sitting around in jammies and watching Law & Order all day.

And yet.  That is pretty much what I did.  The entire city bonded, joyful, in this collective day off, and I wanted to be a part of it.

I should have pictures of the hordes in the park, sledding and frolicking about.  I should have pictures of the guy I heard was cross-country skiing down 7th Avenue.  I should have pictures of the neighborhood snowball fight I hear was a block over.  Instead, I have this

taken from my office window.

And this

from when I ran to the corner store for hot chocolate and eggs.

And, of course, this

which is proof that it was a fabulous day.


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Leaving the Neighborhood

Last week, in the 40s.  Thursday, 70.  Yesterday, 40.  Today, 65, but pouring rain.  Wait, no – it’s not pouring.  Wait, yes it is.  Wait, is it raining?  No.  Yes.  Wait … no.  Wait, yes.

Despite the inconsistency of the weather, it was really time to get out of the house.

The advantage of working from home is that, for most of the week, I can hide from the weather.  The disadvantage is that it’s entirely possible for me to not go outside for days on end.  As lovely as this place is, it doesn’t get a lot of natural light.  People warned me that would get depressing.  It has.

Time to go outside.   Lots of places to see round here.

Aliza and I explored DUMBO today.  It was nifty.

me too

DUMBO is odd.  Nothing, nothing, nothing, sassy little children’s clothing store.  Nothing, nothing, nothing, super fancy chocolate shop.  Nothing, nothing, nothing,  spacious and  impressive bookstore slash art gallery.   Strange.  Not like Williamsburg, where whole blocks of hipster storefronts are tucked away amongst the empty streets – these places are isolated.  The streets are empty, but these shops are full.   Meanwhile, the trains thunder along above the $750-per-square-foot lofts, conveniently located beside the abandoned warehouse.

your favorite dead baby joke here

one can get married here.  we did not.

making the best of it, I suppose.

DUMBO, it is brokenhearted

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