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An Introduction

The time has come, the Walrus said, to move to New York.

Having never made a major upheaval-type life decision without some sort of catastrophic circumstance preceding, this is both terrifying and remarkable.  I am moving.  Across the country.  For several moderately good reasons, but with no genuine pressing impetus.

The fact that I am subject to inertia and not terribly good with any kind of change, I suspect the first year or so will be a bit rocky.  In order to cope, I’m going to pretend I’m on a sitcom so that all that is uncomfortable and awkward and confusing and painful will become, on paper, hilarious and charming and potentially entertaining.  We cling to what we can.

Because I’ve ‘lived’ – dorm room style – in New York the past several summers, there exists previous California-Native-Flails-About: Hilarity-Ensues documentation.  Consider them a prequel of sorts.

July 20th approaches.


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This is a Test

Current situation: technologically illiterate 30something wastes hours in attempted navigation of supposedly user-friendly site, wonders what will become of her when school is out and she no longer has legions of savvy teenage minions at her beck and call.

Test.  Test.

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