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Peer Review

in the throes of flash fiction contest
limit: 1000 words
time remaining: mere hours
genre: horror
with co-entrant Beret via gchat

Gina: I’m at 1100 and only one person is dead. and he was already dead

Beret: Obviously we have the start of longer stories we will have to do another day, in all of our extra time

Beret: in the meantime. CRAP

Gina: Maybe I’ll cut a character. One fewer to kill

Beret: I have fantasy. I don’t even have anything magical yet.

Gina: you should end with: “and he lived happily ever after”. now give me an ending and we’re all set

Beret: ok. “he dies”

Gina: all the hes are already dead. there are only shes left

Beret: well don’t kill them. maybe they become part of the evil machine

Gina: I’m at 1100 words. there is no time to assimilate, only maybe to die

Gina: maybe they die of word count

Beret: well cut 108 words, and then say: “and then they all died spontaneously and forever”

Beret: I’m helpful





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Current Nemesis:  subway revolving gates.

I keep a list of my nemesises (nemesii? nemesisisis?) on me at all times.  Yoga girl in my spot, Chef Luis, dust.  All are horrifying.  Worst, however, are subway revolving gates.

I’ve never liked revolving doors – a problem exacerbated by one particular episode of ‘Dead Like Me’. There are a lot in New York, which means I spend a lot of time lurking on sidewalks, waiting for an opening, so I can get through without a painful and embarrassing death.

Building doors are nothing, nothing, though, to subway gates.

Come into my parlor, said the spider to the fly

They are tiny and terrifying and everyone in this city is in such a freaking HURRY that I am almost  crushed against those grimy bars at least three times a week.  I will die, sliced like a cheeselog, in the West 4th Station at rush hour, of this I am sure.

Edit:  A friend let me know today that a popular method of subway mugging is to trap someone in these – pinning them between the spinny and the stationary bars – and take all their money.  It was not made clear how the victim would then get out, as the bars do not go backwards.  Valuable lesson: when someone says, ‘I probably shouldn’t tell you this but’ STOP THEM.

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